Gary David Brewer passed away peacefully on December 12, 2023, in Victor, New York at the age of 73.  He was born in Seattle Washington on January 19, 1950, and grew up in the quaint town of Marathon, New York.  He was raised by his mother, Grace Dell’Anno Brewer, along with his three brothers Mark Brewer, Ted Brewer, and Randy Brewer.  He had a close relationship with his paternal grandmother, Helen Carter Brewer, who also lived in Marathon.

Gary dedicated his entire career to teaching children as a high school math and computer science teacher at Pittsford Mendon High School in Pittsford, New York.  He spearheaded the school’s first computer science lab, AP math course, and AP computer science course.

Gary was survived by his two children, son G. Michael Brewer, wife Judy, grandchildren Aiden, Patrick, Corinn, James, and Grant, and daughter Kate Ann Brewer, children Chloe and Caleb.  He taught his children how to ski and spent much time attending their sporting events growing up.  As a cub scout leader for his son, he chose woodworking crafts for the children, a passion that developed into a serious hobby by the time of his passing.  He made custom pieces of furniture for his children and grandchildren, and passed the trade down to his nephew, Daniel.

Gary was predeceased by his older brother Mark, with whom he shared a close relationship.  He was survived by his brother Mark’s wife Janice, and nephews and nieces Sherrie, Richard, Carol, and Daniel.  He was also survived by his younger brothers Ted and Randy, and their children.

He enjoyed introducing his children and grandchildren to the Finger Lakes area through boating and fishing.  He was a proud lefty and was smitten that his grandson, Caleb, is also a lefty.  Gary was passionate about genealogy and discovering new living relatives through exhaustive research, even until the last years of his life.

Memorial services will be held at the Marathon Presbyterian Church, and Marathon Cemetery, in Marathon, New York, in May or June 2024.  Please contact Kate Brewer at 303-913-1375 for details.