Introduction To Pre-Planning

Pre-planning allows you to decide what your final arrangements will be and protects your family from that burden. Today, you have time to talk to your family and make well-informed decisions. Making your own final arrangements allows you to choose your service and options. And pre-planning has valuable financial benefits.

The following are a few examples of what to consider when making final arrangements:

• Who will carry out the details of your service?

• Will you have a traditional burial or choose cremation?

• Do you need to secure a cemetery plot or entombment space?

• Will you require a site marker, plaque, or monument?

• Will yours be a religious, fraternal, or military service?

• Will there be specific customs, readings, or music performed for your service?

• Do you wish to be buried in particular clothing or jewelry?

With more than 50 decisions surrounding funeral arrangements, grieving families are understandably confused. Choosing to make the arrangements yourself allows you to exercise your best judgment, consider the advice of family members, and manage the situation financially and emotionally.

The Jarmusz Cotton Funeral Home and Cremation Service of Rochester has been assisting families with their final arrangements for over 20 years. Our skilled counselors will be pleased to meet with you at our facility, conveniently located in the village of Victor and together we will outline your burial choices, discuss funding options, and handle the necessary paperwork. Or, if you prefer, we will meet with you at your home.

Benefits of Pre-Planning Funeral Services

What Steps Are Involved In Pre-Planning Funeral Arrangements?

The steps of pre-planning are very straightforward:

Step One: Our counselor meets with you to help determine your needs, explain your options, and guide you in forming your own plans.

Step Two: We create a file for you, record vital information, and guide you in gathering documents for the required forms.

Step Three: Select merchandise according to your services.

Step Four: Purchase services and merchandise ahead of time.

The most important benefit is that your funeral service is a reflection of you and removes the burden from those you love. This is perhaps the greatest gift of a pre-planned arrangement – it removes all doubt and confusion from your family’s conscience.

Pre-planning also offers the following benefits:

• Reduces costs associated with emotional overspending.

• Allows time for asking intelligent questions that lead to smarter decisions.

• Provides an opportunity to share your plans with loved ones.

Your family will be able to carry on without the burden of stressful decisions, frantic planning, and the financial demands that are typical immediately following a loss.

Does My Will Ensure My Wishes?

Once they have prepared a will and designated an executor, many people believe their wishes are secured. But a will is often not read or administered until after the funeral service is conducted. While the will serves an important function, the arrangements and costs of the funeral need to be addressed immediately upon the person’s death. Pre-planning defends against unforeseen costs, as well as protects your family from making difficult arrangements and financial decisions during an emotionally stressful time.

How Can I Start Pre-Planning?

Our counselor will meet with you at a time that is convenient. You choose everything you want for your funeral: the type of funeral service, casket, burial vault, cremation, music, and flowers. Your important obituary information will be recorded and saved. Once you have made your selections, you will choose the payment option that best suits you. We perform this service at no cost to you, and a record of your information and choices will be kept on file at the funeral home.

Funding Options

What Will The Pre-Arrangement Cost?

Your funeral counselor understands your personal choices are important. We assist you with the selection of necessary merchandise and help you make the proper arrangements. Through planning, the cost of your funeral is controlled. Merchandise selection during pre-planning helps you stay within your budget. Pre-payment offsets the risk of rising funeral costs in the future.

How Do You Pre-Pay For A Funeral?

You may select one of two ways to pre-pay for a funeral:

• Make a payment in full

• Make deposits in a trust account at any time

In either case, all of the money is placed into a state-regulated trust fund, which is invested and grows over time. If the fully-funded trust does not grow enough to meet the financial requirements at the time of need, the company fulfills the contract at no additional cost to your family.

Lawmakers and regulators have worked diligently to protect New York consumers with particular attention to the senior citizen population. Your trust is regulated by the state of New York, providing you with the safest possible funding option.

Who Qualifies For Pre-Planning?

We believe strongly in the concept of saving loved ones from unnecessary emotional stress, painful decisions, and financial burdens. If you wish to fulfill your responsibility to your family, we provide programs that are comfortable for virtually everyone.

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