Saturday, May 13 at 2pm
We will be congregating at Jim’s grandson Kole’s property at 2pm Saturday.
Food, hydration, spirits and good company will be provided.
Come hungry, thirsty and prepared to share some tall tales about Jim!
RSVP deadline is Wednesday, May 10—sooner please!
RSVP Email: [email protected]
Questions? … call or text Keith, Jim’s son at 585-924-4204
Keith will open things up Saturday with a message and the first Jim Story!
Jim is buried in Boughton Hill Cemetery
We will not be meeting formally at the cemetery.  Please stop up before or after joining us Saturday.  Boughton Hill Cemetery is less than 2 miles from Kole’s property.
Locating Jim’s site in Boughton Hill Cemetery:
Enter/Exit signs for the cemetery are a little confusing.  Enter at the “old” section (North entrance) with large trees and the concrete pillars.  Follow the road in and to the left (South).  Jim’s site is located at the far back left corner of the new section of the cemetery (Southwest).  We will have it marked somehow.
We’re excited to spend time with you remembering Jim!

James Francis Meehan, aka “The Admiral”, Jim, Jimmy, Jimbo, Lord Jim, Semaj Naheem (Mij), Stash among others … of Victor, New York, passed away at age 87 on March 12, 2023 at 6:20pm.

Jim was born on June 3, 1935 in Holyoke, Massachusetts to Kay and Frank Meehan. He is predeceased by his wife, Carol Leora, parents and brother Joseph.

Jim is survived by his wife, Joan; son, Keith; daughter, Dana; grandsons, Killian, Kelsey, Kole, and Kristoffer; brother, Rick; sister in-law, Donna; nieces, Joyce and Glenna; sister, Cathie; brother in-law, Walt; nieces, Kate and Heather and nephew, Matt.

Jim drew the respect of all who met him and invited their confidence with a smile and unwavering charm. Jim’s ability to tell a story held many a room in rapture. He lived his life with integrity, dignity, and grit. He did everything with purpose. Jim left this world just as he lived it.

Jim was actively involved in the Victor community and a revered member of the Canandaigua Yacht Club. A lover of history, global affairs, and golf, he navigated numerous pastimes and touched many people with his insights. He felt at home surrounded by his family, especially when he was holding the winning hand of cards.

Growing up, Jim was accomplished in his grades and athletics—baseball and basketball in high school, basketball scholarship to UMass, golf and tennis through life.

Upon graduating from South Hadley High, Jim went on to get his degree in civil engineering from The University of Massachusetts where he met his wife, Carol, Keith’s mother. Early on they moved between Amherst, Boston, and Marblehead Massachusetts. Jim’s work first took him to Annapolis Maryland then Upstate New York to work with Eastman Kodak Company.

From Goodman Street in Rochester Jim and Carol moved to a 200-acre farm property in Macedon where they lived for five years. They spent two years at a home they purchased and remodeled in the village of Palmyra before moving to Victor in 1973. Jim lived in Victor for the next 50 years.

Early on with Kodak Jim distinguished himself as somebody who could get things done—engineering and otherwise. Jim’s manufacturing knowledge combined with his penchant for business made him a natural for “special projects”. For three decades he bounced between VPs and divisions tackling unique, challenging business marketing undertakings and was instrumental in leveraging Kodak’s substantial capabilities and clout for opportunities across varied arenas in the commercial, government, and consumer sectors. Jim finished-out his work years with a Kodak high-tech spin-off.

The backdrop to everything in Jim’s life was sailing—his heart belonged to the sea! For more than six decades he accepted the wind’s challenge across ocean seas and inland lakes. His sailing and racing exploits are too numerous to name but include the Atlantic Ocean coastline and inland waterways from the Bahamas to Nova Scotia, decades of sailing the emerald blue waters of the British Virgin Islands, Finger Lakes and Great Lakes, Pacific Ocean exploits, untold regattas and decades of weekend family racing on Canandaigua Lake. Jim wrote a short story vignette about one such adventure titled “A Three Leg Sail”**

As always at these times there’s more to say … and we want you to play a part in that!

If you have a Jim Meehan story to share, join us for a memorial celebration which will be held in The Admiral’s honor at 2:00 pm on Saturday, May 13, 2023. We will begin with a short service graveside at Boughton Hill Cemetery in Victor, New York. Immediately following we will gather at Jim’s grandson Kole’s property just down the hill from the cemetery for fun and sharing (less than 2 miles away—address forthcoming). Please RSVP at the email below and be prepared to share a few of your favorite Jim stories!

Check back here for potential updates.

Use the following email for ALL contact and communications … hellos, questions, information, etc.

            [email protected]

Keith Meehan, Jim’s son will be receiving emails and replying where required!

Again, RSVP for May 13 to help us plan accordingly … regrets as well!

Thank you and we look forward to celebrating Jim’s memory and life with you on May 13!!

* If you’re willing to share pictures you have of/with Jim please contact Keith via email—photo prints will be scanned and returned to you!

** If you’d like a PDF copy of “A Three Leg Sail” ask and I will send!

*** Please pass this link on to others who knew Jim ***