Jacquelin Elinski, 50, of Buffalo, New York, died November 6th, 2021 at her home in Geneva, New York after a year-long illness. She was surrounded by her adoring siblings, Karen, Kathy, Kristi, Karyl, Kim, and Dennis, as well as James Nesser to whom she was engaged. Her devoted dog Shilo (“Shimmy Shi”) never left her side. She is also survived by a large extended family, including nieces and nephews, aunts, in-laws and numerous cousins and friends that she considered family.
Jackey was born October 30, 1971, to Francis X. and Madelyn C. Elinski and grew up in the Town of Tonawanda. She was a lapsed-Catholic who attended St. Andrew’s Country Day School and Kenmore West Senior High School. A graduate of SUNY Buffalo, she earned master’s degrees in sociology and psychology, and completed additional graduate level work. She was a lifelong academic, property manager at G. Page Properties, as well as the proud owner of JAX Properties in New York state.
She was known for her remarkable wit, sharp intellect and easy sense of humor. You always knew when you were in her presence because she had such an incredible mind. Jackey wryly described herself as an “over-educated underachiever.”
A keen observer of politics and the news, at just 5 years old, she sent an invitation to President-elect Jimmy Carter for an inauguration celebration she was “hosting” in his honor and actually received a response from him! All who knew her then were aware of her youthful obsession with Peter Jennings and his global newscast. She was invited to work on then presidential candidate Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign, organizing a very successful “Get Out the Vote” for students in Michigan while in still college. She maintained her interest in politics throughout her life.
Not only a master strategist in her work, Jackey brought her tenacious skills to board games for most friends and family celebrations. She excelled at The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Game, Trivial Pursuit, and Pinochle with her hyper competitive siblings. Sometimes, it wasn’t pretty for those who played, but it was very funny to those of us who watched.
Despite this hilariously contentious dynamic, Jackey dreamed of having big family gatherings, especially for the holidays. Her vision was finally realized earlier this year, with the help of the steadfast James and enthusiastic Kathy, in her move to their dream home in Geneva, New York. The dream included an entire room dedicated to family games, dubbed JAX PLACE.
We were all amazed by the power of baby sister Jackey to inspire such love, great humor and a few impassioned political debates.
She was predeceased by husbands Mark Warren and Andy Herko, her older brother Kevin, and her dear dog Darton.
In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Donate Life America or your local hospice center. Or, just reach out and help someone in need as she often did.