Kathryn Jane Graham, daughter of Gill & Hazel Graham passed away in her home in Canadaigua, NY on February 26th, 2021. She was predeceased by her husband Jesse James Carter and was survived by her daughter Sheena Nicole Nesmith-Morgan and her Grand Daughter Angelica Jane Hancock. She is also survived by her niece and nephews and many wonderful friends.
Kathryn was a unique soul. There was no one else on the planet like her. She was always unapologetically herself and spoke her mind often. She was kind and resourceful and brave. She was an avid reader and loved gardening and taking care of her puppy JJ. She loved to joke around and was always able to find a way to smile and make light of the most grim situations. She would not want to be glorified as a perfect unflawed person, but for those who knew her, she touched each and all of our hearts in a way that no one else could.
She had a resilient spirit and had the ability to make something out of nothing. She made countless acts of selflessness throughout her life and always looked to help those in need. She was a political enthusiast and she got to see Donald Trump leave the white house which she hoped to live long enough to see and did!!
She will truly be missed.
Rest in Paradise, KJG.