W. Jacqueline Johnson, was born Wanda Jacqueline Godfrey in the Summer of 1937 in Rochester New York, to Charles and Wanda Godfrey. She died peacefully of cancer on Friday, March 13th at Light Hill hospice in Canandaigua, NY with loving family present in her room.


Jacqueline had many roles and touched many people.


Jacqueline was a student: She studied several disciplines throughout her life, never content to maintain, always growing, reaching inwards towards self, outwards to people and upwards to God. She graduated from John Marshall High School in Rochester, studied at SUNY Fredonia, Nazareth College, SUNY Brockport, and The IM School of Healing Arts in New York City, as well as countless workshops and seminars. She was a voracious reader of the heavy, and the deep as well as the light-hearted.


Jacqueline touched young lives as a gifted teacher and administrator, with certification in five different disciplines: She taught at the Canandaigua Primary School, and at the Canandaigua YMCA Nursery School. She was a reading aide at the Canandaigua Junior Academy and a reading teacher at Border City, and Penn Yan. She taught adult high school classes at FLCC and the Ontario County Jail, and ended her career teaching English at Midlakes Highschool.


She was a neighbor. She lived in Canandaigua, New York for 59 years and was involved with a number of professional and community organizations and many book groups: Canandaigua Daycare Center Board of Directors, Interrogation Club, the American Association of University Women, where she had state and country leadership roles. The Parent Advisory Council for Canandaigua Jr. Academy, NY State Reading Association, Association for Curriculum, Development, Kappa Delta Pi–an educators association, Lake Counties Counsel Reading Association, and the Sufi order of Rochester


Jacqueline was a survivor. This was not her first round with Cancer. In 2012 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and fought back with extensive multi-pronged defenses and with the support of friends and family and the help of doctors, nurses, and technicians. She beat the disease a couple of years later and remained cancer-free until December of 2019. She wrote of her experiences in her book listed and linked below.


Jacqueline was a trusted friend, a spiritual healer and guide, a talented writer and published author (The Guest House). She was a warm and wise counselor. The parade of devoted friends and associates who visited and contacted her in the last months of her life, came from many different chapters and facets of her long and fruitful life. From life-long friends, to barista’s serving her coffee she knew how to make people feel listened to, respected, and special.


She was a perpetual source of life, humor, light and color: Jacqueline’s way of speaking, her clothes and patterns and jewelry were all big and vibrant with color. These things were, besides her grandsons, her joy! In her last week of life she asked that her nails be painted all different colors. Her wish was carried out and noted by many with smiles and compliments.


Last and certainly not least, Jacqueline was a wife, mother, aunt and grandmother. Books could be written on all the wonderful, progressive, and loving personal ways she executed these roles, but we already know them: Her husband David Johnson, sons Joel and Matthew, daughter Kelly and grandsons Andre and Enzo Johnson.


Please consult Jacqueline’s Caring Bridge page for a link to an upcoming online photo album and information about a memorial in her honor when such gatherings are again possible : https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/jacquelinejohnson1


To remember and honor Jacqueline, charitable contributions may be made in her honor to:

Light Hill hospice: https://lighthillhome.org/?page_id=103


Wood Library. Donate books or funds: https://www.mygiving.net/donate/151


  1. Hi Dave,

    There are no words that I can say that will make any difference. All I want you to know is I’m thinking about you and the family. After everything is back to the new normal whatever that will be, I wold like to see you.


  2. Dear family,
    It has been a great many years since I saw any of you. May our Lord comfort you.

    Melinda Laurence

  3. Dave, Joel, Matt and Kelly,

    The CA Science Department “family” is now that much poorer with Jackie’s passing. I recall her as a gentle, graceful outdoors person. I did not realize she taught at four different school districts in her career, so let me add talented and versatile to the list of her qualities. She will be missed.

    Rob Gray

  4. Dearest Johnson Family;

    Though I ony knew Jackie during the final years of her life she made a wonderul impression on me. I have been honored to be welcomed many times at your lovely home & table as we gathered to study different facets of Sufism. Her transition will, no doubt, leave a big space in your lives for a long time & eventually become warm memories. You were blessed to have a close relationship for many years. I am thankful for knowing her, & will hold her memories fondly.

  5. David, Joel, Matt and Kelly,
    Your family and particularly Jacque was foundational for me. She was my first teacher, and continued to be a light and inspiration right into my adulthood! Speaking with her was always filled with honesty, warmth and excitement! She always made me smile. I remember newspaper decorated hats for New Years celebrations, a lot of farm exploration next door, and a full throated laugh!
    There is a tremendous void with here absence,.. but an incredible legacy of Love! My loving thoughts and prayers are with you all!

  6. Dave and Family,
    We surround you with caring thoughts and love.
    Jackie’s beautiful spirit is felt in our hearts.Her friendship has been a great gift to all the people she touched.
    Love to each one of you,
    Jewel and Dave

  7. I’ll echo some of the previous comments that we’ll all miss Jacque immensely, but amplify the positive impact that she’s had on so many people’s lives via the various roles she played throughout her wonderful life. Teacher, student, friend, cancer survivor, family… I’m fortunate to have had a glimpse into all of those and we’re all so much better for it. While we’ll miss her presence here with us, there’s little doubt that her spirit carries on among all of those she encountered. For that, I am incredibly fortunate and grateful to have had her show us an optimal way to experience life.

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