Huppert, Nancy M.

Rochester, NY

Passed away on February 27, 2020. She was predeceased by her parents, Jacob and Estelle Huppert, Nancy was raised in Schenectady.  She came to Rochester and worked as an educator in the Gates-Chili school district for 37 years. She first became active with Sister Cities in 1987.  She was appointed the New York State Coordinator for Sister Cities International (SCI) in January 1988.  In that capacity, she traveled throughout the state making presentations and providing local groups with information and assistance. Then, appointed to the Board of SCI of Rochester in 1989 and served as President for 9 years.  In 1996, Nancy was elected to the Board of Directors of SCI in Washington DC. She was also appointed to the SCI National task force Coordinator for youth and education.  In that capacity, she organized workshops and disseminated information throughout the United States.  She served as both Vice President and President of SCI.   In 2001, Nancy was appointed to the position of Global Envoy of SCI.


Nancy served on the Advisory Board of the Warner School at the University of Rochester and the New York State Advisory Council for Students Studying Abroad.  She served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Rwanda Relief Organization and of the International Organizations of Rochester.  Under the auspices of the American Association of University Women, Nancy was coordinator of the “Women Helping Girls with Choices” sixth grade program.  In addition, she served on the Executive Board of Phi Delta Kappa as well as President.   Nancy has lectured locally, nationally and internationally on both innovative education programs and Sister Cities.  She has conducted workshops at American Embassies throughout the world. She has participated on panels at the United Nations and has been the keynote speaker at colleges, universities, national and international conferences. Nancy is the recipient of numerous awards. Most recently, she received a Life Time Achievement award from the US Ambassador to New Zealand.  Nancy’s love of travel has taken to the far corners of the world.  She has traveled and represented the United States in 142 countries and 42 states.  Nancy has met all the criteria for a global citizen.


Private interment.  In her memory, donations may be made to Nancy M Huppert Endowment Fund at the Rochester Area Community Foundation.  This fund will be used for broad community impact and to support the areas of our community with the greatest needs.​