Henry Clark (Norman) Ingram Born May,11.1930,

Henry died at home in Bloomfield NY, 4.18.2019 from a 7 yr battle with congestive heart failure. He was 88 years old.

   Henry was born in Buffalo,NY to mother Rose Gill,he never knew his father.At age 4 he was taken away from his mother,and spent the rest of his young life going from one foster home to another.He went to public school 75. At age 15 he ran away from home and joined the Army. He served in the quartermaster corp in WWII as a private from April,24,1946,to March 11,1949,with an honorable discharge.He was in the European and Pacific theater.

     He got His GED from the Army and went to Polytech in Los Angeles and got an AAS degree in plastic mold injection.design.

      He met his wife Brenda in Buffalo and they were married for 47yrs.  Henry wrote two novels and was a Jazz singer with two jazz CDs.He is predeceased in death by his mother Rose Gill,his brother Charles Ingram,and his son Ivan Johnson.He is survived by his wife Brenda (Johnson) Ingram and his daughter Rosiland  Ingram,and four grandchildren.He was a loving husband,father and grandfather.

      A memorial service will be  at a later date to honor his military service.